Hy, I'm a reportage style wedding photographer based in Budapest 


Documentary style

      Well known formulas or conventional wedding poses are not my type. I’m looking for something new instead, the moment that no one saw or thought it would be photographed. I love raw emotions and I will capture your day as it happened in it’s own unique way.

     When you look back the photos, remember those moments and bring back the emotions and the tears of joy. Inspiration comes from traveling and wall climbing. I like starting new adventures without planning, and usually those are the best. With my toothbrush and my camera in a bag I would go against the world.

Latest stories

//Definitely not posed//

It's all about telling a story. This is what matters and that's why it differs from a traditional wedding.  

//Wondering in Budapest//


Something else to understand my vision

Street, and how does it come to a wedding:

When I am shooting in the street or a wedding my main goal is catch the moment that happens once and never again.

I love capturing the day as it happened in it’s own unique way with raw emotions.

Street, és hogyan is kapcsolódik az esküvőhöz:

Utcai fotózásoknál és az esküvőn is a pillanatért élek, az elkapott mozzanatokért, melyek nem megismételhetőek. Jobban szeretem a spontán momenteket mint a beállított, berögzült formulákat.

right: Taxi drivers on a break in Lisbon I 2019


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